A fine atsc library and some related tools.

Here in America, there's a quite nice over-the-air standard for dtv called ATSC, but you probably already knew this.

ATSC is entirely compatible with DVB (the European standard), except for the Electronic Program Guide (afaik).

All those nice dvb tools? Useless, if you're asking the question, what's on TV.

For all you programmers out there, I've been working for quite a while in my spare time on this thing I call "libdtv" for fun - it's a horrible name, but it works. Inside are a ton of useful functions that can help you get started with programming for ATSC streams in no time. That's right, I did all the hard parts, you get to do the fun stuff!

Along with this "libdtv", I'm also putting up two sample programs that I've found useful:

That's it for now, I hope someone takes me up on the opportunity to mess around with the code. In particular, I'd really like to see an xmltv interface using this - I'm sure it's possible, but I have no patience for perl.

The code:

libdtv.c and libdtv.h: the actually "library".
justfox.c: compile with gcc -o justfox justfox.c libdtv.c
simpguide.c: compile with gcc -o simpguide simpguide.c libdtv.c